We have 50 days to celebrate and become ALIVE IN HIM. Sometimes we focus a lot on Lent, but we need to know that the goal of Lent is Easter. We are made for Easter. Below are some resources to help you celebrate Easter and be resurrected with Jesus.

5 tips from Father JP

  1. Do an Easter Resolution. Do something that will help you experience and manifest in a visible way that Jesus is alive. Let the New Life received in your heart become more visible outside. How can my life manifest more clearly the resurrection? You can smile more. Grow in Joy. Sing more. Imitate the charity of the risen one… You can keep your room in order (like Jesus who left the tomb and rolled the linen that covered his face)

  2. Remove the crucifixes (only for Easter!) and replace with a picture of the Risen Jesus. We tend to focus in the cross but we are not used to “contemplating” the resurrection. Choose an inspiring picture of the Risen Jesus and pray to it.

  3. Read the Resurrection narratives: John 20-21, Luke 24, Mk 16:9-19, Mt 28.  I suggest that during your holy hour or Tabor time read all these passages slowly and meditate on them. Pay especial attention to the words of the Risen Christ and the fruits of the resurrection: joy, peace, love, and mission. Easter is a good time also to do a careful reading of the Books of Acts of the Apostles and the First Letter of Saint Peter.

  4. Greet other believers with the Resurrected Greeting: The Lord is risen; He is risen indeed!

  5. Grow in Eucharistic devotion. Easter is a Eucharistic Season. In this season pray for a renewed Eucharistic fervor. In Luke 24 we see that the disciples of Emmaus received a new FIRE and LOVE for Jesus when he broke the bread for them. The Risen Jesus gave them “burning hearts”. Pray for a burning hearts in this Easter.



Here are some prayers specially for the Easter Season. Also, you can stop by Newman or St. Michael the Archangel for a prayer card!

Click here to download Via Lucis.

Click here to download some prayers for the Easter Season.