Mission Trip 

We will be missioning to the Caribbean nation of St. Lucia! To be specific we will be missioning to a small town in northwest St. Lucia called Jacmel. Jacmel is a small agrarian town composed of several small townships and surrounded by banana plantations. In the past Sacred Heart Parish was one of the most active parish communities on the island with a large congregation, but a serious shortage of priests and seminarians on the island in the last years has caused the parish to lose their priest. In the years since that loss the community of parishioners has dwindled and many great programs have had to stop their activities.

When:June 22 to July 7
Where: St. Lucia


"Last year in Jacmel we saw how our presence helped the parish community through an adult retreat, home visits and vacation bible school . I visited families from a poor town of Morne d'or, where a majority of the population works on banana plantations. I visited a particular family consisting of a mother, Agnes, and her adopted daughter, Anselma. Agnes was partially blinded possibly because of the many years of spraying chemicals on the plantation, and she had gone through a lot on the island. Transportation is not as readily available as it is in America, so she had to walk a few miles to the neighboring town just to attend church. Despite all that she has gone through, she still remained strong in faith. She always greeted us with the greatest smile and treated us as if we were her grandchildren. Although she did not have very much, she made us dinner and gave us some fruit from her backyard. This was the one of most meaning gestures I have ever received during my stay in St. Lucia. Both Agnes and Anselma attended the retreat and they experienced the hand of God guiding their family to a place of hope. 
The mission didn’t end in St. Lucia. The students who participated were filled with invaluable awareness of the reality of poverty, culture and love regardless of race, economic status or background. This experience has transformed my heart. 

-James Nguyen